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 Hello out there I am Madam Moove from Mansion of Misbe*Heaven* in Moove.com

Do you think Moove sounds like a fun place? but still hesitate to go there?

Did I also remember to say that a basic membership doesnt cost anything, right?

                 ♥ Welcome to my world. 


In Moove I have a house, and if you join so will you. The house is on your own computer and can be used both offline and online. In the house is millions of ways you can decorate and build it. There will be some wallpapers up on this side to help you start. Do you want a townhouse, a mansion, even a castle, a dungeon a cellar a beach? You can make it anyway your heart desires, and it doesn’t take much to make it. I will tell you about my life, as you saw my name is Madam Moove and I am most of all a family woman, and I love to help other members of Moove, which ofcause is the reason for this website. Even thou my name is Madam Moove, I do not have anything to do with Moove. I am a normal member of the community, that just likes to help other members. Some ppl do mistake me for being a Moove repasentiv, but I want to make it clear, that I am not..

as Madam Moove I have many kids in Moove, some young and some even older than me, but that is the good part of this family, age doesn’t matter at all. I have lots of sisters, brothers, a mom and a dad, several children and I love them all deeply *wawes to family*. My family can never get to big, so if you want to join it then we welcome you with open arms, then so just let me know, cause there is always gonna be room for one or even ten more. *smiles soft


I will be glad to move heaven and earth for my family. As some of them already have found out. *grins

We form a bond from country to country in Moove and that is priceless, to live in Denmark and have Australien and Scotland as neighbor, Egypt, Italy and USA just on the other side of the street.. The first two weeks can be hard to get thou, but many will offer lots of help. And if you mannage to survive the two first weeks, you will see it is worth it all... If you want to then follow my step for step start in Moove blogs, they should help, and if not then just mail me with any questions you might have. 

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I ♥ Mister Moove & Moove.com  :o)