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 ♥ Weddings and other ceremonys in Moove ♥

ATT: Madam Moove retired as Minister the summer of 2010 due to real life issues...

I am a Minister here in Moove and I do any sort of weddings, collar ceremonys ect.. not often thou, as I am mostly here in pink.. But.. this is how it is done..

I write my own speeches, no pre made ones, but a custom made for each couple as I marry. To do this, I make both the bride and the groom write me a letter about him/her, the best is just to write the letter, don’t think to much of it, and if they can find a couple of friends to write about them too, that would be great, cause the more I know the better the speech.  And from those letters I can write a speech. (Nobody but me see these letters, I delete them when the speech is done)

Remember there is at least two to three weeks notice if you want the homemade speech. 
All I do myself is for free,  But
I would ofcause never mind a donation to the foundation.

but it is a free choice

you can find some of the rings I have made for nickpages *Here*

and some samples of wedding certificates *Here*

 I do take requests and make them for free. 


My first wedding was my own Moove parents Wedding, lol Do you have any idea how nervous I was lol... They were as sweet as always and helped and guided me thou it step by step.. It is my Moms fault I am making this website about help, she has been my one big inspiration..  

This is from my sister and brothers wedding.

Hear what some couples have to say about their weddings.

Mr & Mrs. Ssparkeyy

We would just like to say a few words about our daughter Honny. She is one of the most caring people you could wish to meet on Moove: she is kind, thoughtful, helpful and an inspiration to us all. These are all traits she has inherited from her loving parents ;-P
Honny was the Minister when we finally decided to tie the Moove knot. She listened to everything that we wanted in our marriage service, she gave us the freedom to be able to have the ceremony we wanted and accommodated us fully. We are so grateful that our daughter, Honny, made our dream wedding happen and we thank her and love her dearly.

Mr and Mrs Ssparkyy

  Cylence & Cream4yourcoffee

Can't thank Madam enough for all the support she has given, She is one in a million, a gem amongst gems. She have made a stressful day turn into heaven. Helped with every aspect of the wedding and reception. We would have been lost without her. I will always be thankful for all her wonderful help. I am so proud to call her my sis, She made our day the special day it should be. A very long warm hug for you sis. And many, many thank you’s, from the bottom of our hearts.  hugsss too you sweet sis


Madam Moove made my life so much easier by marrying me and Cylence here in Moove, I did not only pick her as a Minister only but because she also is my sis. I couldn’t think of any other person that would do that job and make sure that all was perfect for us. She is also responsible for making our wedding movie and helping with just about anything, going well beyond what anyone had to do. She made my day stress free, thoroughly enjoyable, truly making it my special day. Thank you Madam (Sis) for all you have done for me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Mr. and Mrs. greenchile:

We had met Madam Moove at a previous wedding she presided over for a friend of ours, and we wanted her to do ours.
She did an absolutely beautiful job on our ceremony. We wouldn't change anything that she did.
I myself was moved to tears at her beautiful words to us, and as the bride,
I think she did an awesome and loving job. I would not think twice about going back to her to do it again.
We love you mom!!
Thank you for making that day one of the most special days for us to always cherish and remember.
Hugs tight!!!

            As the happy groom, I was so proud and honored to have Madam Moove officiate at our ceremony;
she is willing to work with a couple to take care of all the details and ensure that there are no problems.
The beautiful words that Madam chose for us made our ceremony special and unique.
In my opinion, Madam Moove is the "only" minister to have if you want the perfect ceremony.
She gave a priceless gift to my bride and me, and I will always be thankful and hold a special place in my heart for her.

I ♥ Mister Moove & Moove.com  :o)