Mission Foundation

  Welcome to The Foundation of Moove.com


The oldest Foundation here in Moove... approved by moove.com
We are here to help members of Moove the exacted same way we have been since we started in 2007 We can help with membership's,
but also if a member needs some c's however we usually only help members once, unless it is older members of Moove that we can trust is here to stay...
Getting help from us is not a day to day thing, so do not expect us to respond ASAP. Generous members have trusted us with donations,
and we will use those wisely :) We try to help anyone that needs our help, we NEVER judge anyone, so no matter who you are and what you do,
we will do our best to help you.
The Foundation is run by several members. it is Owned by Madam Moove and Annafaith Moove, but we also have Partners,
which is longtime members that help us to run The Foundation. And without them, there wouldnt be the drive that The Foundation have had for all these years..
If you wish to become a Partner, then msg us here and we will discuss it, and put you on our list, as we have a list of members that either contacted us,
or some we have noticed doing good deeds for Moove or for The Foundation...
No matter what happens in any of the involved members real life,
then The Foundation will stay strong and stay here to help those who needs it...

How to contact us?
send a mail here at this profile, and we will write you back as soon as we are here.

Annafaith Moove or Madam Moove or any of the active partners.
(All partners will be listed below very soon)

As many of you already know, unfortunate I,
Madam Moove am very sick, and It will take time for me to get better,
much more time than originally hoped/planned/thought, so until then you will only see me in pink.
Any problems you might have if I am not online then contact
Annafaith Moove., who is my right hand and she has free hands to do as she sees fit.
Aswell as acces to log in to this Nick, which only her and I can do..
Annafaith is now Co/Owner of The Foundation,
and she will be the new Owner of The Foundation, if anything should happened to me..
-And…. so it will be...

How can we help?


If you just need a few c's then we can give you that, but we do have a limit as to how much and how many times we will do this pr. member..
We can help you with a month of gold (usually for new members, so they try how it is to become gold member,
before they decide to stay here) We do not recommend this option, since we only help once, and will not be able to help with a full membership.
EDIT (2013): We can NOW, due to VERY generouse members, help you will a full membership or premium...
We can help you with a full membership, however......... We do not hand it out like candy..
You will also have to show or explain that you are dedicated to be here. And then we can gift you the membership.
We have been here 5 years now, and we know what we are doing... We have grown to be a solid strong and trustworthy Foundation,
with the support of the members of Moove aswell as support of Moove.com
EDIT (2013): We can NOW, due to VERY generouse members, help you will a full membership or premium...
When we help we have two rules:
Usually we will spend max. 100.000 to 200.000 c's pr member, but because of  a 'Secret Foundation' *winks
aswell as a member that wish to remain anonymous, we now can help with full memberships insted...  
But we will STILL not hand them out like candy, we will still need a solid reason why you wish to become gold or preium..
However older members that needs to renew their membership, since you allready been here a long time, you dont have to explain anything...
in the end, it always will depend on the situation itself, so it is individual what we do in each case.
We WILL hold you anonymous, unless asked otherwise, as we value privacy and respects it…
This goes both ways, for those we help but also for those that so generously donates to help us…

How to help us?
If you wish to donate to The Foundation,
open our profile, click the blue button at the top of the nickpage, the one called  'C$ Transfer'

Do you want to help us...?

Have a good idea for an event? 
Plz do not hold any events in our name before checking with one of us first...

Are you are a Designer, that wants to donate something for our shop?

Maybe you would like to make a Help Club?

ANYTHING you can come up with, to help, will be very welcome.
You can ofcause also help us without being member or Partner.  Anyone can help...

EVERYTHING raised in Events or sold in our Shop goes 100% uncut to The Foundation...

Our Story?
The Foundation was created in 2007 by Madam Moove, who made it, with a hope that it could bring members together,
to help those that needs help here in Moove...
Whether its c’s that they need to renew membership, or if it is technical help or other problems, then you are most welcome to contact us…
And now so many years later I am amazed in how generous and kind this community is… I had never thought it would be this great.

Over the years, we have helped especially many older members, to stay here in Moove, with renewing their gold membership..
Thankfully we have had great success with everything we have done so far.
We strive to help anyone who needs it, whether you are basic, gold or premium has no meaning to us, or who you are,
how you live your Moove life (or real life) and what you do and stands for, is not a problem at all, cause WE judge nobody at all..
Because of the support of the members of Moove, we have during the years grown to be a strong and solid Foundation,
and are therefore capable of helping more members each year...
Thank you to each one of you…

That this Foundation is found in pink browser mode, does not mean that we give less help than if we were green...
On the contrary some of our partners are in green and willing to help,
and we have a website full of help pages both for new members, older members and designers to be.
No matter what happens in any of the involved members real life,
then The Foundation will stay strong and stay here to help those who needs it...


For us, a Foundation is about members coming together to help other members.
It is all about helping in every aspect of the word. With anything needed, with questions as well as c's.
It is to be part of something positive that can brighten up someone else’s day...
We sometimes have fun raising c’s to help. We hold contests, auctions and lots of other fun things on the boards here in Moove,
so keep an eye on them.   Att: We only hold events that have been approved by Moove
Thank you to all members that has donated and supported us during the years,
it is because of you guys that The Foundation still is here, stronger than ever..


Our Website:
Help Pages about being new in Moove...
Web mode help...
Our Shop...
Designers Design area,

with tutorials for future designers of Moove, to help get you started on designing here in Moove…
Our Shop...
is full of actors, hair, deco’s, clothes, private parts and so much other stuff, most donated by some amazing Designers.
Especially thank you to
Andrea Sweetgirl and *rastagirl* for being the inspiration to others…
We have pages with rings for nick pages, We have team medals and so much other stuff as well...

Madam Moove's  NICKPAGE THAT IS 18+

Madam Moove have retired as Minister as of summer 2010 because of real life issues and will not return as Minister again.
This whole Foundation is dedicated in memory of a woman I am proud I had the chance to get to know, to love and keep in my heart, my soul and mind..
I still hear her voice saying 'Oh get over it and get moving sis', 'you can do it', 'you have to do it', You are strong, do not give up'...
She kicks my butt all the way from heaven....
Thank You my Lord for letting me get to know her and love her, before you had to take her home to you,
and thank you deeply for my brother *Paccy*  as I love and treasure daily. I love you bro.
-Lis (Madam Moove)
Dedicated  in  Memory  of  The  Lady  of  Moove  
*Lady Fire*

                ♥ What is The Foundation? ♥

The Foundation in Moove.com

Who and what is The Foundation?

Who are we? What do we do?

How can we help you?

Who is Madam Moove?

Find out all you need to know about us


Download our church for free *Here*

The Foundation is the place to go, when there is something you need/want, but cant afford it. and we will help you with it, if we think there is a reason to do so.

We will not give away a full gold membership, but you can apply for a month of golden membership, so you try it before you get it.. But still we have to find a valid reason to give it to you. we will not just use the foundations money.  It is also possible to borrow from the foundation...  We usually say we will max help each member with 100.000c's but it always depend on the situation itself.

we always need donations, so please help us to help others.

What goes around, comes around *winks

maybe you are a new member that needs some tools, a actor, or other stuff that cost something. it doe

We am hoping we can give the newbies and other members a hand, by making the foundation.   It has it's own nickname, Ceremony Center, so nobody will have the C's mixed up with their own.

Ceremony Center has a team aswell and appart from the foundation where we hope to add everybody that has to do with weddings/ceremonie's in Moove, so that the members that are getting married easily can find us.

You find us here --> The Foundation

The Foundation is over a year old now, but we still need you to help us spread the word that we are here..

We have so far helped several designers to stay in Moove *smiles proud and a lot of older members to help renew their membership. So far only a few newbies has asked for our help.

We are always planning new ideas to help, so if you want to be part of this, or have some good ideas for us, please contact Madam Moove.


Madam Moove & Co

We are proud to say The Foundation are united with friendsRus.






I ♥ Mister Moove & Moove.com  :o)