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Actors comming back!!!

 Thanks to some very helpful members in Moove, there will during this winter be new links up for most my actors..  Even though mediafire deleted the account which held all actors, I have found I do have some (not all) of them on my computer and on a extern drive..

So once they are found and checked to be the useable ones, they will be put up again and will this time be will be free to +18 members..  You are untill then (and after aswell ofcause) welcome to share them as freebie with each other.. Just be sure it is only adults using the adult files I have made...

Do I ever find just one teen using the adult actors (Adult = included the private parts) I will remove ALL links on the website and on Moove.. I have also teenactors, but unfortunally I can not put links on the pictures, as some adult members seems to misuse them for adult play.. So any teens that would want the teenactors, please contact me in Moove (Madam Moove) and I will send them to you...

Thank you...


The Designer package is back for free and can be found here

--> Designer_Stuff

Any extra 'addons' or things you might need, send me a message in Moove, cause I might have it.. I have made many things that is just growing old and dusty on my computer and if some need it, I would happily share it (only my own creations)

                                   Welcome to Mission Foundation in Moove.com

Dear Members of Moove.com 

I apoligise but we ran into a problem with Media fire. 

They claimed that a actor (created by myself) ‘’’Karyn_Zip’’’ violated their TOS

and due to my lack of understanding their complicated English words (I am Danish) and them not being willing to help me file a counterclaim, or respond to a dear friend who was trying to help translate for me.

They have now removed all our links along with some of my sis Rastagirl’s links that was hosted on my site. I am very sorry sis…

So all links on this website do no longer exist L

I have stated public that it’s okay to share my own items, and the items that I have created for The Foundation, with one another (from actor to actor)  I however do not wish to see them on another website… unless it is agreed by me.

This website will be working again when my health allows me..

Untill then the help pages are still very much working, aswell as of cause we still help where we can with memberships,  all you need to do is read The Foundations own nickpage and contact us there…  So it is only our links that no longer work…

If theres something you really really want, then try to send me a msg in Moove  and I will see if I can find it on my computer and email it to you…

for free ofcause.

This website was originally designed to be a sort of *Red Cross* for Moove 3D chat.. Since it is no longer nessasary to gather c's in Moove (hopefully that will be fixed again) but untill then we got many C's donated by new and old members, so we will be able to help you with getting gold and premium. All you have to do is mail us and tell a little about yourself.. We only help face to face and not thou another person.. You will have to contact us yourself.. thank you..

You can find The Foundation    *Here*      

Insted of us collection C's in Moove we rather that members help us to help especially new members in Moove.. Help them find their way around.. you can use our pages to show and tell..  If you are a new member then dont give up even thou the first week or two might be hard, because as soon as you learn it, it will seem much more simple and easy to you. And you are always welcome to mail any of us...

All partners of The Foundation is listed on our Nickpage...  We appriciate any type of help you are willing to offer... Help pages   *Here*

Are you new in Moove then go check out our *Step by Step- Blogs*   *Here*

And Here --> we got help for *Older* members...       *Here*

Webmode help..  *Here*  Our webmode helppages needs updating but if you are stuck in webmode, then contact our partner LL2 and he will try to help you. Have a Wonderful Virtuel Day in Moove..

The Foundation

                     ♦  The Foundation

I have as of November opened The Foundation's

Guestbook as public. Free to use to anyone in Moove.

click here.    The Foundation' Board


The rest of this website is not working atm...

None of our links work, as media fire closed down our account.

Hopefully one day I will be able to find time to get it updated...

Our help pages still work fine.

So it is only our download links that do not work anymore. One download link that does work, is the one posted on design board with the skin tool.



I ♥ Mister Moove & Moove.com  :o)